In preparation for this shoot I researched gigs in Leeds at it is quite local so easy to get to and has an active live music community. I found a Facebook page listing all of the gigs in West Yorkshire and i narrowed this down to just Leeds bands and then i looked into each of the gigs to find out which shows would be the right music genre for my magazine. Below is the shortlist of possible gigs that I found along with their location, entry fee and start time:

Sat – 14th January
Charity Day Duck And Drake, Leeds -free?? (all day)
Coproach, Temple Of Boom, Leeds – £7 (5pm onwards)
Martinfest 2017, The Pack Horse, Leeds – £4 (7pm onwards)
Rattle With Thick Syrup And Crumbs (Uk), Wharf Chambers, Leeds -£7 (7pm onwards)

Next I had a look online at the locations of the gigs to get an idea of what they looked like so that I knew the location would work well for my magazine images. I then decided that the best gig to attend would be the Manifest 2017 at the Packhorse. I arranged for Gavin Haigh to also attend so that he could review one of the bands playing at the gig. I also ensured I had completed a risk assessment for the shoot. This can be viewed here: risk-assessment-form-sg-12-01-17


I shot using a 50mm prime lens to enable me to use a wide aperture with a quick shutter speed so that I could get crisp frozen images. Below is a contact sheet from the gig:


I photographed three performances. I requested that Gavin write a review for a band named Bobby Peru as I wanted the images of this band included in my magazine. I also decided I would use an image of musician Dave Sharp as an ad for a fake promotion company. I chose images 116,309,312 and 341 as my strongest images from this shoot.

I chose 116 as it was very crisp and I felt it captured the emotion of the performance well. I think his image will work well as a two page ad for a promotion company as there is negative space for writing and it implies that they would provide the atmosphere shown in the image. I felt the positioning of the arm in the shot made this image stand out from other similar images from this shoot.

I really like the frozen movement of the singers hair in image 309. The subject is also very crisp and i like that the basest can be seen in the background of the image. The shallow depth of field draws your eye to the subject also. I chose this shot over similar shots as in some shots part of his head was cropped out and I feel this image captured the feel of the band better than others.

I struggled to get a decent image of the drummer as the stage was relatively small and so the bassist and singer kept obstructing my view despite me repeatedly changing my position in relation to the stage. 312 was the crispest image of the drummer with him well positioned in the frame and a decent pose. I feel this is the weakest image of my final selection but I wanted to include images of all the band members.

I chose 341 as one of my strongest images despite the subjects face being mostly out of focus as I feel it is the most atmospheric. I like the facial expression of the subject and the blurred lights in the background. I also feel the bass guitar neck forming a diagonal line across the image is complementary to the central framing of the subject.


This is image 116 before editing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.18.47.png

Due to the gig lighting the image is very purple. I adjusted the warmth and tint of the image in Lightroom to remedy this. I also increased the exposure and clarity and adjusted the highlights, whites and black of the image.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.21.56.png

I wasn’t quite happy with the result of this so I lowered the saturation slightly and adjusted the clarity, contrast and blacks again.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.24.42.png

Finally I moved the image to photoshop to size for a two page add and add the graphics. I decided to name the fake promotion company after the artist pictured.

2 page ad.jpg

At this stage I decided to only edit one image for the band review. I chose image 309 as I felt this had the strongest composition of the three possible images. This is the image before editing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.39.42.png

I adjusted the warmth of the image to add more yellow to counteract the purple as they are opposites on the colour wheel. The image then looked very red so I used the tint feature to add lots of green to the image for the same reason.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.49.56.png

I left the image at this stage with the intention of sizing and cropping when I assemble my magazine and add the review text.