Before constructing my pages I plotted out the position for each article/image.

Scan 1.jpg

I saved each of my single page images as correctly sized pdf documents. For my double page images I saved them in 2 halves as pdf document that will be reassembled in adobe acrobat.

For my cover I edited the poster image of The Indigo Project using gaussian blur to create the effect of a shallow depth of field. I cropped the image so that the singer was occupying the right two thirds of the frame. I added a relatively simple and bold font for my title stretched across the top of the page. I then added bullet points down the left hand third detailing the features of the magazine. I left spaces between the points for images relating to them. I also added a dateline under the E at the end of encore. I scanned a barcode from an item I had at home to use as the magazine barcode. I added a price underneath this after placing it onto my cover.

I then created my editors note page and the contents page. I merged all of the pdf documents in the order shown above using adobe acrobat and set the display to two pages with cover and back separate. I then took this for printing. Here is the pdf for my completed magazine: magazine-complete


Overall I am very pleased with my magazine though there I some images I feel are lacking. If I did this again I would spend more time editing the old guitars to look newer. Also as I didn’t have time some of the articles haven’t been properly spell checked. to avoid issues like this in the future I will create an action plan detailing when I will do different aspects of my work. Again due to time issues my photoshoot descriptions aren’t as detailed as they could be, this could also be solved by better time management from following an action plan. I feel the graphics throughout my magazine is mostly good but the Bobbie Peru review page could use improvement as it looks more like a plan and very unfinished. If I were to do this module again I would also ensure I took relevant photos to use on the editors note page and the contents page.