I compiled a list of question for the band The Indigo Project and sent them to them through social media. These are the questions I asked:

  • How did you pick your band name?
  • Who are your biggest influences?
  • Where did you meet each other?
  • Whats your song writing process?
  • Any big news you’d like to share?
  • What made you all want to be musicians?
  • Whats you’re best gig experience?

This was their response:

The band name may or may not have been borrowed from a fellow Yorkshire group Fran wyburn and the indigos…. We thought “the indigos” part went well with “project”.
Our influences is a bit of a weird one because we all individually like different types of music but bands like Foo Fighters (3 guitarists), muse, Oasis, green day.
Most of us met in high school and Joe met oliver through a music program run at Leeds college of music
The song writing process can vary per song but Joe normally brings the bones of a song and we all flesh it out.
The big news aside from our headline Leeds show at the wardrobe (24th Feb), is that we’re opening the live at Leeds finally show at the o2 academy Leeds, with Maximo Park as the headliner. There’s also our new EP coming out in September!
Most of us wanted to become musicians because we had a really inspiring music teacher in high school but there’s also seeing bands you love and thinking that could be you one day.
The best gig experience is a tough one. We absolutely loved playing Leeds and Reading Festival but also playing the o2 last year was definitely a big highlight. Especially with the crowd singing back at us.

I will use this separated into q&a for a 2 page spread in my magazine.