I decided to do three photoshoots of musicians to use as posters for the centre of my magazine. I will also use an image from a photoshoot with a band to accompany an interview with the band.

Shoot 1

I put out an ad for local bands on social media and was quickly referred to a band named The Indigo Project. I contacted the band to see if they would be interested in a photoshoot. I looked at some of their music and drawing inspiration from the poster shot previously discussed (Fig.20) I decided I wanted to do a photoshoot that wasn’t standard and inspired by the name developed the concept of putting purple paint on the band member for the shoot. My original idea was to give them paint to have a paint fight with and photograph this and then do posed shots of them covered in paint. I wanted to shoot at an outdoor location as shot like this are usually done in a studio and I wanted their image to be as original as possible. As a result I had to adjust the shoot to avoid members of the public thinking that we were at the location to vandalise with the paint. I adjusted the shoot so that the band members would not be given the paint and instead I would apply the paint to them first whilst stood on a protective sheet and then position them for the photoshoot. I scouted a location for the shoot and found a tunnel that had been converted from an old train line into a public footpath. I then filled out a risk assessment form for the photoshoot stating all of the measures put in place to keep me and my models safe and to prevent any misunderstandings on the day. My risk assessment form can be viewed here : risk-assessment-form-paint-splash-sg . I also ensured the band members completed model release forms and a disclaimer regarding the paint.I purchased water posed poster paint in purple in order to make it easy to wash and so that it was relevant to the band with their name being ‘The Indigo Project’.

For this shoot I used my elinchrom rover quadratic rx portable lighting. I originally set up wit one light using a beauty dish but decided to add a second light to light the tunnel more as it wasn’t showing very well in the shots. Using the lighting equipment enabled me to shoot on a low ISO. The tunnel had lights going down the right hand side so I set my lighting equipment to light from the right to appear more natural. I discussed the concept with the band beforehand and requested that they wear clothing that was either black, grey or white in order for the colour of the pain to stand out more. I would have preferred to do this photoshoot during the day to enable more light to get into the tunnel but unfortunately the band were not available during the day time so the shoot had to be at night. Below are my contact sheets from this shoot:screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-23-19-16screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-23-19-26screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-23-19-39

As I has my camera on burst mode it sometimes fired before my flash had had chance to recharge. This is why there are a lot of dark images on my contact sheet. I selected image 672 to use for the interview section. This is the image before editing:

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.37.55.png

I decided that the lamppost was distracting in this image so using the healing tool in Lightroom I removed it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.40.39.png

I then lowered the exposure on the face of the band member on the far right and the side of the face of the middle band member as they looked over exposed. I also increased the exposure on the band member next to him as because he is wearing all black he blends into the background too much.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.49.43.png

Next I cropped and rotated the image so the the subjects torso were in the middle third go the image. I also adjusted the overall exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, blacks and clarity.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.55.47.png

I decided to increase the contrast and clarity and adjusted the sharpening to make the textures and small details stand out more. I also slightly decreased the saturation to add atmosphere to the image.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.59.14.png

The red jacket was drawing to much attention and distracting from the res of the image so I decreased the saturation on this area.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 00.03.00.png

I left the image at this stage to edit later in photoshop along with the interview of the band.

I selected images 713 and 714 to create a composite image for the poster. I chose 713 as the main image as I liked the facial expressions of the band members and overall every looked more comfortable in this image. I preferred the singer in image 714 as he had more paint on him so I will edit this section of image 714 onto image 713.

These are the images before editing:


Firstly I combined the two images in photoshop. To do this I used the clone stamp and content aware patch tool to fill in any areas that the singer was still visible after placing the new version on top. I used some parts of other shots to add any body parts to band members that were now visible but weren’t in any other shots. this is the resulting image:

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 01.08.31.png

Whilst still in photoshop I used the colour replace tool to make the paint closer to indigo in colour.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 01.16.43.png

I then moved the image back into Lightroom for more editing. In Lightroom I adjusted the contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and clarity of the image.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 01.23.24.png

I moved the image back over to photoshop to size the image for my magazine and add the band logo. I made the image the size of a standard magazine centre page basing the single page dimensions on 8.37″ by 10.87″. Below is my completed image:


Shoot 2

For my next shoot I used a model to be a fake musician. I shot this in a studio. The model had red hair so I decided a blue backdrop would make her stick out in the image. I lit the white backdrop using a studio flash with a blue gel using barn doors to direct the light and I lit the model using a soft box. I framed the image in portrait as I want the image to be a single page poster. I had the model do a variation of poses. Below is my contact sheet.



The backdrop was quire narrow and had a crease in it so I plan to edit this out in Photoshop/Lightroom.

I decided I likes the facial expression and pose best in image 800. below is the image before editing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 02.19.31.png

I began editing in Lightroom by using the heal tool to get rid of the crease in the backdrop. I also adjusted the contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks  of the image.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 02.24.35.png

I then moved the image to photoshop for further editing and sizing. I used the liquify tool to even out the size of the buns in the models hair and to adjust the waist on the left side of the image as I felt it looked odd in comparison the the rest of the body.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 02.43.42.png

I then used frequency separation to even the skin texture and tone and added a simple logo before sizing to the correct size. I also used the patch and clone tools to remove some of the loose hairs which i felt were distracting. The image was too narrow for the dimensions once resized so using the rectangular selector I selected a section from each side and stretched it to fill the empty space. Below is my finished image.


Shoot 3

I used a similar set up for my final poster shoot. I lit the background in red this time and used a honeycomb for more direct light as i wanted harsher shadows. I asked Gavin who has written my reviews to pose for some shots with his guitar. the backdrop was too small so I removed it and shot against a white wall instead. Below are the contact sheets for this shoot.



I chose 861 as my final image to edit as it was in focus properly and I preferred the composition and pose in this image to the others. Here is my image before editing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 03.55.46.png

I began by using the healing tool in Lightroom to even out he background.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 04.01.21.png

I then adjusted the exposure of the background and subject separately and used the mask tool to make the models skin tone more neutral as it looked quite red. I also adjusted the clarity of the image along with the contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 04.11.11.png

I then moved the image to photoshop to be sized and to add a logo. I used a scan of the  subjects signature with a gradient applied to it to create the logo.  Here is my completed image for the final poster.