As all magazines have adverts I looked into images of musical instruments and gear along with other relevant ads.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 15.14.18.png
Fig.22. (Rose, undated)

Fig.22. is a relatively simple image which lets the product speak for itself. The lighting is subtle and as such not distracting. There are no reflections of the surroundings on the metal parts of the guitar and nothing distracting in the background. This works well as an advertisement shot but is very simple and quite boring.

Scan 5.jpg
Fig.23. (Total Guitar)

Fig.23. is an ad for guitar strings. As strings are a relatively boring subject to photograph the shot has used a large amount of post processing in order to create an image that displays power. This is emphasised by the tagline. The image has a clear shot of the product range it is advertising. I feel the editing in this image is overdone and looks cluttered and messy. There is far too much going on although it will definitely catch your eye due to the large amount of bright red used in the shot. This works well as a concept but I feel it is executed quite poorly and would work better with less textures applied.

Scan 1.jpeg
Fig.24. (Total Guitar)

Again fig.24. is a relatively simple shot as to not distract from the product. The lighting showcases the texture of the amplifier well and the background is simple with a little bit of texture that ads to the feel of the image. The brand name is fully in focus though the angle makes you less drawn to looking at it although in the case of this I feel that is irrelevant in the case of this particular amp as orange amps are an iconic amplifier due to their bright orange colour. As this image is from a review their are no details of the amplifier on the image itself as they would feature in the article. If this was a standalone ad then I would expect to see the company logo and a quick summary of the products features or at the very least the specific model name.

Fig.25. (Total Guitar)

This is a two page ad for a music store. It is very simple but the colour combination and bold font make it very impactful. I feel the lack of explanation for what this advertises leaves anyone out of the music loop in the dark about what it is actually advertising as there is no specific product and no real description of what the ad is for. From the imagery could be a booking company or a recording studio so I feel this as is too vague although this could be due to the company being largely known in the music community. I like the use of a live music shot for this image but I would possibly include something in the text that would indicate it is a musical instrument store.