I also researched band portraiture in order to prepare for creating posters for my magazine.

Fig.19. (Rob Fenn)

This show is very simple and pretty standard for a band photoshoot with nothing particularly separating it from other band images. I like the positioning of the models in an angle square which gives the image more depth than if they were stood in a straight line. The posing looks very relaxed and natural but the environment is not very inspiring and is interrupted slightly by signs in the background. I like the lighting on this image as it looks very natural and there are no harsh shadows.

poster 5sos.jpg
Fig.20. (Kerrang)

Fig.20. shows a scan  of a poster from Kerrang magazine. The subjects have been covered in what appears to be song lyrics from their music. I feel the image looks quite cluttered although by using only black writing on the white background but using red also on the subjects it makes them stand out in the image. I think this would have worked better if the writing on the floor had also been kept only in black. The subjects have been positioned at different angles in to the camera in order to create more depth to the image despite them standing in a straight line. The concept of this poster makes the image stand out as it doesn’t look like most posed band shots.

Scan 4.jpg
Fig.21. (Kerrang)

The composition in fig.21. is relatively simple. I think the use of a red background complements the subjects makeup well and there is a common theme of red running throughout the whole image. I also find the texture on the backdrop of this image appealing and feel the image would not have worked as well with a solid colour in its place. The lighting is soft and subtle which complements the subjects features and leaves very subtle shadows.