In preparation for attending a live gig to photograph for a band review I looked at various live music images. These can be seen below:

Fig.15. (pixelglo)

Fig.15. has a very calm feel to it. The lighting leaves a large shadow across the artists face and the mic stand is very distracting despite forming a leading line towards the face of the subject. I feel this image would have been better if the musician was framed with negative space on the right side of him as opposed to the left as then he would have been facing into the frame which would flow better. The glare on the image I feel adds some atmosphere as does the purple light and the image gives the sense of a quiet emotional song.

Fig.16. (pixelglo)

Fig.16. has captured a lot of emotion. The framing makes the subject form a diagonal line across the image drawing your attention towards his guitar. This is emphasised by the light on his arm. The use of a very short depth of field makes the subject stand out in the image and I feel the sepia tone works well for the final image as it gives a warm feel creating the overall feeling of a warm inviting environment.

Fig. 17. (Rob Fenn)

I particularly like the composition used in fig.17. The negative space complements the pose and increases the dramatic look of the image. I love the way the movement has been captured and frozen. The wide aperture has ensured that the background doesn’t distract from the subject although a lot of detail has been lost due to being underexposed on the subjects torso.

Fig. 18. (Rob Fenn)

Fenn has captured the movement well again in fig.18. but not quite as crisply as in fig.17. The framing is very central but I feel this works well for this image emphasising the pose giving the feel of a strong stage presence for the subject. The image has been left very dark and as in fig.17. some detail has been lost as a result but believe this has been done in order to give a dark feel to the image which fits with the genre of music played by the artist.