Having decided on doing a combination of a rock music and guitar/instrument magazine my next move is to decide on a name. I have attempted to come up with some names that I feel are relevant to the subject. My name ideas are:

  • Intonation
  • Resonance
  • Encore
  • Everything Rock
  • Total Rock Music

I decided that Encore fit the best for the genre of magazine along with being short and catchy.

From exploring the contents of relevant magazines these are the ideas I have to possibly include in my magazine:

  • interview with a band (2 page spread) (posed group shots, possibly individual shots and possibly live shots)
  • gear review (possibily:guitars, pedals, amps etc)
  • interview with instrument maker
  • live music shots of local bands
  • review of band
  • guitar maker piece – possible people: http://www.harrisonguitars.co.uk/gallery  http://www.fyldeguitars.com  https://jjguitars.com/contact/. http://www.patrickeggleguitars.com
  • adds for guitars/basses, amps, pedals, strings, albums
  • album review
  • posters

I decided that the best way to get a good review of equipment and bands would be to collaborate with a musician with a good knowledge on these subjects and request that they write the reviews. I spoke to Gavin Haigh, a local guitarist, and he agreed to write a band review along with reviews for some guitars.