Magazines come in a large variety of genres. Below are some of the different genres along with examples of each one.


Men’s magazines are magazines marketed directly towards men. The genre is quite broad in range covering men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazines to pornography. A lot of the magazines in this genre also cover a large variety of topics leaving this genre very vague. Below are some examples of men’s magazines:


Fig.1. (mail online)


Fig.2. (British GQ)


Teen magazines are magazines that are aimed predominantly at female teenagers. They usually contain mostly gossip and fashion articles with posters of popular celebrities also included. They will also sometimes include samples of cosmetics as a free gift with the purchase of the magazine. Examples of Teen magazines can be seen below:


Fig.3. (Crushable)

Teen Vogue

Fig.4. (Teen Vogue)


Science and nature magazines are aimed at science and nature enthusiasts. They consist of articles on recent scientific advances along with recent discoveries in the animal kingdom. They also explore different cultures, look at plants/animals in detail and discuss archaeological finds/advances.

National Geographic

Fig.5. (National Geographic)


Fig.6. (Discover Magazine)


Music magazines can vary from focusing on musicians, singers and bands to focusing on musical instruments/equipment. Ones that focus on musicians will stick to a specific genre such as r&b, rap, pop, rock music etc. They usually include posters of and interviews with musicians along with the latest news relating to the genre. They also include band and album reviews. Musical instrument/equipment magazines will include reviews of equipment and lessons on songs and the latest equipment news.

Total Guitar

Fig.7. (Beekum)
Fig.8. (Mojo)

There are many more magazine genres that I have not explored such as;

  • Entertainment e.g Entertainment Weekly
  • Gossip Magazines e.g Star, In Touch, People
  • Lifestyle/Fitness e.g Flex,Slimming World, Health & Fitness
  • Fashion Magazines e.g Vogue, Elle
  • Sports e.g Sports Illustrated, World Soccer, Athletics Weekly
  • Home and Garden e.g
  • News Magazines e.g Time, Newsweek,

When broken down the front cover of a magazine is structurally the same across all genres. Below is an image I created using the cover of total guitar magazine displaying the anatomy of a magazine cover:

cover anatomy.jpg

If the cover features a model then it will usually also include a model credit on the cover. As shown in Fig.9. the left third of the main image is left relatively plain in order to leave room the cover lines and other information. This prevents the cover from looking over cluttered. The masthead is always quite bold and large in order to attract attention and is usually placed on a contrasting background to increase this effect. The text on the cover is also usually in colours such as white, red and yellow as these colours catch our attention better and are easy to read. These are all features I will keep in mind when designing my cover.

Having explored different genres of magazines I decided I would either produce a music magazine of a nature magazine. Given the limited time available I concluded it would best to do a music magazine as it is more realistic to get the images I need to fill the magazine in the amount of time that I have for this genre.